Our Uberheroes

We have in conjunction with children and young people across Northern Ireland created our heroes to represent characteristics that we want our children to apply to their own lives such as Hope, Resilience, Intelligence and Truth….

About Our Workshops

All our facilitated workshops are designed to give children and young people a voice. We know how important it is for our children to feel confident to speak out, while knowing they’re protected within a trusted environment….

That is why we never ask them a direct question on how they are feeling about specific subjects. But we do ask lots of questions about the lead characters in the comics meaning no child ever feels vulnerable or exposed.

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Visits include the following:-

1 hour 50 minute session with a class or part of a bigger year group

Introduction to the Uberheroes and to the creation of these workshops

Pupils read the comic to their peers

Break into small facilitation groups where the pupils unpack the issues, identify any triggers or early warning signs

They create practical solutions to address these problems/issues earlier

Finish sessions on how they can contact our teams should they need additional support or help

















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