What People Are Saying

“I have never before been on a course where I have left feeling totally uplifted and empowered. The facilitators have a unique way of making you believe in yourself, uncovering skills you never knew you had to strengthen inner resilience”

“There is no room for big egos, titles, power trips, prejudice or judgments. Everyone belongs at the table, no matter what issues they are going through or what path they are travelling on.”

“No one is immune from anxiety or stress. We all experience distress in one form or another. Some people experience it as physical illness; this can be just as distressing as stress and depression. The more this is addressed the more it will be accepted, the more we will see a total acceptance and a reduction in company, family and community ignorance, stigmas and shame.”

“The Prince’s Trust in Northern Ireland recognises the benefits of the WRAP programme as a wellbeing tool for our staff and the young people on our programmes. We have recently engaged Hope4Life NI to deliver WRAP to our key staff in the Trust and plan to cascade this training allow our own staff to deliver WRAP to young people on our programmes. We view this training as a key step in empowering our young people to contribute to their own emotional wellbeing. The training from Hope4Life NI has been universally praised by our staff for the relevancy of the content and the exceptional professionalism of the trainers.”
The Prince's Trust

“It was truly wonderful; I found that when I came to the training, I went on a journey of self-discovery. I found a toolkit and maintenance plan to not only help my wellbeing and resilience but to empower me to help my staff in a practical and proactive way – Cheers.”

As leaders were really impressed with how the girls initially engaged with each other and the content of Teen Wrap Programme; we were specifically impressed at their ability to evaluate, focus on the positives, and discuss the elements they struggled with along with making suggestions on how to improve, this was evidence of how far they’ve developed both personally and as a group. After taking part in Teen WRAP, the girls said they felt more hopeful about their future, more positive about themselves, more aware of the things that made them feel sad, helpless or anxious and better equipped ask for help and how to better take care of their mental and emotional wellbeing.
Blue Houses

“The experience was just amazing; I learnt so much about myself, my strengths, my limitations and opportunities to improve and how I approach issues and that through simple adjustments I could effect a positive change in myself and others around me”

“Loved the practical simplicity of this training as it really made me think about my attitudes, behaviours and how my actions can impact on others in my life – it all starts with a simple change of attitude and gratitude…. Thank you!”

“This is amazing: My Wellness Plan is the best self-help book I’ve ever read – because I wrote it myself”