About Us

Hope 4Life NI believes that everyone has a basic right to good mental health with the emphasis on prevention; we are committed to working for this right to become a reality for all within Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK. We deliver programmes that have been positively impacting on people’s lives for nearly two decades, we share the knowledge and experience from global research on our programmes to empower people to understand that simple changes can and do increase resilience and enable wellbeing.

We apply a pre-emptive approach to positive mental health by working with individuals, groups and organisations to improve and in some cases eliminate those triggers that can affect poor mental health, we also help you to identify early tell-tale warning signs to help you put into action a personal plan to control and reduce issues though our evidence-based approach.

Through our staff, volunteers, supporters and mental health champions, we pledge to work vigorously to ensure that we enable as many people as we can to improve their lives by helping them to help themselves to good mental health. The evidence from global research underpins our vision that early intervention is key to reducing the issues facing individuals within our communities.

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