Helping you to help yourself to good mental health

Hope4Life NI believes that everyone has a basic right to good mental health.
With the emphasis on prevention; we are committed to working for this right to good mental health to become a reality for all within Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.
We deliver programmes that have been positively impacting on people’s lives for nearly two decades, we share the knowledge and experience from global research on our programmes to empower people to understand that simple changes can, and do, increase resilience and enable wellbeing.

Our Programmes

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Tailored & Specific Programmes

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Pre Emptive Approach

Our vision is for everyone to enjoy good mental health, for everyone to be able to avail of the services they need, for prevention rather than recovery to be the focus as we all know that “prevention is always better than cure”.

Strategic Focus

We offer a variety of programmes such as our unique Wellness Action Plan WRAP® training model which provides primary intervention for mental health issues or Mental Health First Aid MHFA® an internationally acclaimed mental health awareness programme designed to give ordinary people the tools they need to be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, provide initial help, and guide a person towards appropriate professional help when appropriate.

We need your help

Please choose us as your local cause through Co-op, every inch of your support is greatly valued.
We want to thank you for your ongoing support, because we truly appreciate and value this, whether it’s through volunteering with us, becoming a Friend of H4L, supporting us through fundraising or making a donation at events and fundraisers.

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